Waiting on the Prodigal Spouse or Child You Love

waiting on a prodigal

Lynn and her husband had been married for 12 years when she started to realize there was something re­ally wrong with her marriage. She didn’t suspect an affair at first because she couldn’t believe her husband, a professing Christian, would violate his marriage vows. He was a doctor and often worked late, but one Christmas Eve, he didn’t come home at all.

That Christmas was the start of years of unfaithfulness, sepa­rations, and attempts at reconciliation. Lynn’s husband would lie about his affairs, making it nearly impossible to tell when, if ever, his repentance was real. Lynn vividly recalls sitting with him at a coffee shop where he asked her to forgive him for his infidelity, all the while knowing his plan after leaving was to go and sleep with another woman.

Lynn prayed for her husband to repent. They went through hundreds of hours of counseling sessions. She could have divorced him early on, but her heart’s desire was for their relationship to be restored and their family made whole. She didn’t just want him to stop having affairs and start living an upright life. She longed to know his heart. Bt he didn’t want to be known. Instead, he betrayed her again and again.

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One thought on “Waiting on the Prodigal Spouse or Child You Love

  1. Even though it said that all the horrible things our husbands says to us its not tbem but the enemy. Then why does God ignore what they are doing to us?
    My husband left me 5 years ago for another woman. We are still married and have five kids together. He still didnt care about none of those things. Breaking our family, make us suffer the way he did and keep his head held high. Explain those things to me. Plus he loves the other woman. She is better than me in his eyes and MINE. She dont fight, argue and like to go out with him. She is better than me in every sense. How can i fight if i cant compete with anything? Plus God ignores my prayers.. i am very devastated. Its like God wants that relationship between them and not my marriage to be restore. I feel betray and forgotten by God.

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