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Trading Anxiety for Patience

pw-blog-barthel_eDNDQuCFew things make me more anxious than getting off schedule. I have a strong internal clock, which is a blessing when it comes to getting places on time. But when I’m in a meeting or at an event that falls increasingly behind schedule, my internal clock is a curse. It’s an alarm that goes off inside me, raising my blood pressure and anxiety. I lose the ability to focus on what other people are saying because all I can think about is how in the world we might get back on schedule.

Even if you’re not someone who gets as uptight about schedules as I do, you may have feltat some point that your life is off schedule. Maybe you’ve ended a multiyear dating relationship that didn’t culminate in marriage. Perhaps you are facing financial difficulties when you expected to be entering retirement. Most of us have a rough idea in our minds of a schedule for our life. If we get derailed from that schedule, anxiety strikes. We feel we must do something to get our lives back on track. Read the rest at Crossway.