Seasons of Waiting:
Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed

We’re all waiting for something. For some of us, it’s a spouse. For others, it’s children. For still others, it’s physical healing. Unfortunately, when things don’t go as planned and we end up having to wait, it’s often hard to trust God’s timing. But while there will always be delays and disappointments in this life, there is still hope; God has a purpose and a plan for every season of our lives, even when it feels like he just keeps saying no. Seasons of Waiting points to examples of waiting from Scripture that teach us to understand our waiting as a parable of God’s unfolding kingdom. The gospel informs our response to unmet longings and delayed dreams by directing our attention to the day when Christ will return and all our waiting will be over.

F O R   C H I L D R E N

The Girl Who Got Out of Bed
The Girl Who Got Out of Bed

 Shirley is a little girl who keeps thinking of reasons to get out of bed. But once she learns the secret to make morning time come, she can’t wait for bedtime to roll around again.


The Boy Who Cried Over Everything
The Boy Who Cried Over Everything

Murray is almost four years old, but he cries over everything. An experience with a slingshot and a sparrow helps him realize that it’s okay to cry when you are sad, but it’s best not to cry when you’re mad. Note: a bird dies in this book. Some parents have found that disturbing, but I’ve never met a child who has.



Why Cant I have a cupcake
Why Can’t I Have a Cupcake?
A Book for Children with Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Rory loves cupcakes, but he can’t eat them because they make his tummy hurt. When he goes to his friend’s birthday party, he learns that he’s not the only one who has to avoid certain foods, and he has a great time at the party.